Friday, August 13, 2010

Le Bonheur (1960)

Dalida (1933-1987), Egypt- Italia

There are some musics that have not many cover versions, but they are beautiful enough. Le Bonheur is one of them.
Le Bonheur was sung first in 1960 by Dalida in french.
Katyna Ranieri and also Milva have sung Le Bonheur in Italian (La mia felicità) on the same year. In 2006 Elena Paparizou has covered this song in Greek. The original version of this music is by Manos Hatzidakis, however, I could not find any record of that.
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- As I know, there is at least one more cover version of this song with following details.
If probably anybody has access to this version, send it to me to complete this collection, please.
Defect List
No.TitleArtistAlbum (Released)
1La mia felicità (Italian)Katyna RanieriUno A Te Uno A Me/La mia felicità (1960)

- The version (Vocal No. 002) is the ORIGINAL VERSION of this song, sung by Dalida.

Vocal Versions

Play Mp3 001-003

Download 001-003
001. La mia felicita (Italian) (Milva).mp3
002. Le Bonheur (French) (Dalida).mp3
003. Oti aksizei einai oi stigmes (Greek) (Elena Paparizou).mp3

Instrumental Versions

Play Mp3 001-001

001. Le Bonheur (Instrumental) (Fausto Papetti).mp3


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