Saturday, July 10, 2010

Los Hermanos (1969)

Atahualpa Yupanqui (1908-1992), Argentina

Los Hermanos is a poetic folk song composed and first performed by Argentine nueva canción singer Atahualpa Yupanqui.
Los Hermanos is often considered a protest song. Some claim it criticizes the dictatorship of the Latin American countries, done to secure the fidelity of the region to the United States and, - by doing that -, avoiding undesirable leftist governments. That can be perceived on the song lyrics, which is an ode to fraternity and freedom with an implicit urge for Latin American union:

"Yo tengo tantos hermanos
Que no los puedo contar
Y una novia muy hermosa...
Que se llama Libertad".

"I have so many brothers
That I can't even count them
I also have a beautiful girlfriend...
And her name is Freedom".

Though some take it as political, others contend that it has a broader universal appeal, with its verses about the common Argentine man, recognizing the others by the look in their eyes and realizing the difficulties they face in everyday life.
Source: English Wikipedia

- I am looking for the following cover versions. If anybody has them, send me please.
Defects List
No.TitleArtistAlbum (Released)
1Los Hermanos (Studio recording version)Las Voces BlancasLucha por la vida (2006)
2Los HermanosSiembraTodo cambia (2000)

- The version (No. 002) is the ORIGINAL VERSION of this song, sung by Atahualpa Yupanqui.
- Do not miss best versions as my opinion, marked by *.


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001. Los Hermanos (Alfredo Zitarrosa).mp3 *
002. Los Hermanos (Atahualpa Yupanqui).mp3 *
003. Los Hermanos' (Atahualpa Yupanqui).mp3
004. Los Hermanos (Bia Krieger & Lhasa de Sela).mp3
005. Los Hermanos (Bia Krieger & Lhasa de Sela, Live).mp3
006. Los Hermanos (Bia Krieger).mp3 *
007. Los Hermanos (Carmen Queiroz).mp3
008. Los Hermanos (Claudia Meyer).mp3
009. Los Hermanos (Diego El Cigala y Andres Calamaro, live).mp3 *
011. Los Hermanos (Ino Kruysen & Reinhold Westerheide).mp3
012. Los Hermanos (Jairo).mp3 *
013. Los Hermanos (Jairo, live).mp3
014. Los Hermanos (Manuela Bravo, live).mp3
015. Los Hermanos (Marta Topferova).mp3
016. Los Hermanos (Meg & Marco Messina).mp3
017. Los Hermanos (Mercedes Sosa & Anna Saeki).mp3 *
018. Los Hermanos (Mercedes Sosa).mp3
019. Los Hermanos (Mercedes Sosa, live).mp3 *
020. Los Hermanos' (Mercedes Sosa, live).mp3

021. Los Hermanos (Pedro Aznar, live).mp3
022. Los Hermanos (Raices de America).mp3 *
023. Los Hermanos (Silvia Iriondo).mp3



Jean-Pierre said...

I listened to the song a few times but didn't notice:
"Y una novia muy hermosa...
Que se llama Libertad"
but towards the end:
"Y una hermana muy hermosa...
Que se llama Libertad"
Very nice song... I went to see Atahualpa Yupanqui when I was still in highschool in 1970 at a show he gave in my hometown, Poitiers (France)... it was upon our Spanish teacher's recommendation.
I had no idea that such singers like Kia and Lhasa (rip) ever interpreted his songs...
Thank you for sharing.

all cover versions said...

@ Jean-Pierre
Lucky you to meet such a great man. I wish I could meet him as well, even though I wasn't born at that time yet. :(